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Within the framework of an educational cooperation program between An Giang University and Andalas University (Indonesia), on the morning of July 11, 2019, the two universities' students had a joyful and exciting cultural exchange.

The program aimed to create favorable conditions for students of the two universities to introduce the typical cultural features of each country, to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam and Indonesia. In addition, this was also an opportunity for students to exchange, experience and exchange academic issues through field trips.
At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat - Vice Rector of An Giang University - welcomed Andalas University, expressed his gratefulness to the university and also expressed his appreciation for the achievements in more than 6 years of educational cooperation between the two universities.

PGS,TS. Trần Văn Đạt – Phó Hiệu trưởng Trường ĐH An Giang phát biểu cảm ơn đại diện ĐH Andalas
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat - Vice Rector of An Giang University expressed his thanks to representatives of Andalas University


PGS,TS. Trần Văn Đạt tặng quà lưu niệm cho GS,TS. Ardi
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat presented souvenirs to Prof. Dr. Ardi


Prof. Dr. Ardi – Head of the delegation of Andalas University expressed his pleasure and affection for An Giang University. He would like to express his deepest gratitude to AGU’s administrators for the support and attention to create the best learning conditions for Andalas University’s students. Also at themeeting, representatives of the two universities also exchanged souvenirs to each other.

GS,TS. Ardi –Trưởng đoàn ĐH Andalas phát biểu
Prof. Dr. Ardi - Head of the delegation of Andalas University – gave a speech


TS.Hồ Thanh Bình – Trưởng Khoa Nông nghiệp và TNTN thay mặt Nhà trường nhận quà lưu niệm từ GS,TS. Ardi
Dr. Ho Thanh Binh - Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, on behalf of the University, received souvenirs from Prof. PhD. Ardi


Quý thầy cô cùng sinh viên hai trường chụp ảnh lưu niệm
Lecturers and students of the two universities took souvenir photos together


The delegation of Andalas University delegation had 26 members (including 01 lecturer and 25 students). The welcoming program for Andalas University will take place in 8 days, including activities such as visiting An Giang University, participating in seminars, going on field trips to environmental and farming models in certain communities in An Giang province who make and trade traditional crafts. In addition, students of the two universities also took part in sports, culture and arts events at An Giang University.

In the culture and arts exchange session, students from AGU gave elaborate dance performances, expressing the love of their homeland or country and their national pride such as An Giang điểm hẹn, Một thoáng Phù Nam, Dòng An Giang, Chung một niềm vui.. The students of Andalas University also showed their Indonesian cultural identity with lively, modern young dances. In addition to the cultural exchange, students also participated in collective games, dancing and singing happily.

Tiết mục ca múa “An Giang điểm hẹn”
Dance performance "An Giang điểm hẹn"


Các bạn nữ sinh viên đến từ ĐH Andalas duyên dáng với trang phục truyền thống
Female students from Andalas University in traditional costumes


Tiết mục Pasambahan dance do nhóm sinh viên ĐH Andalas trình diễn


Tiết mục múa “Một thoáng Phù Nam” do sinh viên Trường ĐHAG thể hiện


Sinh viên hai trường cùng múa hát, nhảy múa với các tiết mục trẻ trung, sôi động


Huynh Cam - An Giang University Library

Translated by Le Do Thai

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