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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-07A Blockchain-Based Framework for Developing Traceability Applications towards Sustainable Agriculture in VietnamNguyen Duc, Hiep; Nguyen Huynh, Tuong; Pham Hoang, Anh
2016A brief on impacts of Brexit on the world economy and Vietnamese economy-
2012A case study for the emissions reduction for coal power plants in Viet NamSavin, Ven Johnson; Kabunga, Hendri Nachiyunde; Johannes, Breit; Xuan, Li Hui
2022A case-control study of agricultural and behavioral factors associated with leptospirosis in VietnamHai, Hoang; Ngoc, Do Bich; Others
-A Categorical Data Analysis on Financial Failures in Vietnam, 2007-2013.Quan, Hoang Vuong; Napier, Nancy K.; Tri, Tran Dung; Kong, Nguyen Thi Hong
-A Climatological Study of Tropical Cyclone Rainfallin VietnamAnh, Nguyen Thi Hoang; Matsumoto, Jun; Thanh, Ngo Duc; Endo, Nobuhiko
2016-12A community participatory intervention model to reduce the health risks from biogas wastewater in Hanam Province, Vietnam.Toan, Luu Quoc; Huong, Nguyen Mai; Thanh, Nguyen Tien; Giang, Pham Thi Huong; Others
2022A community-based intervention to decrease the prevalence of HIV viremia among people who inject drugs in VietnamHuong, Duong Thi; Vallo, Roselyne; Others
2017-06-03A comparative study of trade relations and the spatial-temporal evolution of geo-economy between China and VietnamMa, Teng; Liu, Yuli; Ge, Yuejing
2015A comparative study on fisheries policy issues and and rice-shrimp farming system between Bangladesh and Vietnam.Tasnoova, Shuraya; Tomoyuk, Yutaka; Iwamoto, Izumi
2021A comparison and analysis of Japanese official development assistance to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, 2000 ― 2019Potter, David M.; Seminar, POTTER
2017A comparison of solid waste generation rate between types of hotel in Hoian ancient city, VietnamToan, Pham Phu Song; Giang, Hoang Minh; FUJIWARA, Takeshi
2015A competition and integration of academic education and vocational training in Asean economic communityMinh, Đinh Tiến
2019A comprehensive assessment of universal health coverage in 111 countries: a retrospective observational studyWagstaff, Adam; Neelsen, Sven
2015-05A cost-benefit analysis of dike heightening in the Mekong DeltaDan, Tong Yen
2022-10-20A cost-benefit analysis of Vietnam's 2006-2010 foot-and-mouth disease control programHuong, Do; Nguyen Minh Hoa, Thi; Pham Van, Ha; Dang Van, Ky
2016A critical analysis of the value chain in the rice industry and its effects on the export rice industry in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam.Van, Bach Ngoc; Cuong, Pham Hung; Nhan, Vo Hoang
2019A cross-disciplinary mixed-method approach to understand how food retail environment transformations influence food choice and intake among the urban poor: Experiences from Vietnam.Heck, Sigrid C. O. Wertheim; Raneri, Jessica E.
2017-08-07A current perspective on antimicrobial resistance in Southeast AsiaZellweger, Raphael M.; Mas, Juan Carrique; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Day, Nicholas P. J.; Thwaites, Guy E.; Baker, Stephen
2019A dataset of Vietnamese junior high school students’ reading preferences and habits.Quan, Hoang Vuong; Anh, Le Vinh; Viet, La Phuong; Others