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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10M&A Market in Vietnam's Transition EconomyHoang, Vuong Quan; Tri, Tran Dung; Ha, Nguyen Thi Chau
2006-10-25T10:18:38ZMa trận lũy linhSơn, Hoàng Huy
2016Made in Vietnam by womenNewman, Suzie
2018-07Made in Vietnam: The effects of internal, collaborative, and regional knowledge sources of product innovation in Vietnamese firmsThuy, Phung T. M.; Vermeulen, Patrick A.M.; Dat, Tran Tho; Knoben, Joris
2019Magnitude and correlates of caesarean section in urban and rural areas: A multivariate study in VietnamLoenzien, Myriam de; Schantz, Cle´mence; Bich, Luu Ngoc; Dumont, Alexandre
2017-08-15Main characteristics of Vietnam – China trade relations, 2000–15Binh, Ngo Xuan
-Mainstreamed Donor Policy Dialogue on Climate Change Risks in VietnamKnaepen, Hanne Louise
-Mainstreaming Grassroots Adaptation and Building Climate Resilient Agriculture in SAT Viet Nam.Ha, Pham Quang; The, Tran Van; Trinh, Mai Van; Son, Nguyen Hong; Cuong, Ho Huy; Bo, Nguyen Van; Singh, Naveen P.; Bantilan, MCS
2022Maintaining HIV and HCV prevention and care for people who inject drugs despite COVID‐19 in Hai Phong, VietnamGiang, Hoang Thi; Duc, Nguyen Quang; Others
2012-07Majority vs. minority migration: a comparison of characteristics from the Vietnam 2009 population and housing censusLam, Tran Quang
-Making Class and Gender: (Market) Socialist Enframing of Traders in Ho Chi Minh CityLeshkowich, Ann Marie
2015Making families across ethnic divide : Khmer-Kinh intermarriage in Viet NamLan, Thái Huỳnh Phương
2015-06Making it count: integrating gender in climate change and disaster risk reduction.Coulier, Miguel; Konstantinidis, Dorothea
-Making the Poor Pay for Public Goods via Microfinance: Economic and Political Pitfalls in the Case of Water and SanitationMader, Philip
2015Making The Whole Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts: A Review of Fiscal Decentralization in Vietnam-
2018Malaria elimination in the greater Mekong subregion: Challenges and prospectsCui, Liwang; Cao, Yaming; Kaewkungwal, Jaranit; Others
2017Malaria risk factors and care seeking behaviour within the private sector among high-risk populations in Vietnam: a qualitative studyChen, Ingrid; Huong, Ngo Thi Thanh; Lover, Andrew; Thao, Phung Thi; Others
2022Management factors influencing lecturers' research productivity in Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam: A structural equation modeling analysisHue, Truong Thi; Dat, Luu Quoc; Others
2015Management innovation of student's studying activities at Vietnamese non - public universitiesSơn, Nguyễn Thanh
2019Management of antibiotic-resistant helicobacter pylori infection: Perspectives from VietnamKhien, Vu Van; Thang, Duong Minh; Hai, Tran Manh; Duat, Nguyen Quang; Others