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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-U.S - Vietnam Economic and Trade Relations: Issues for the 112th CongressMartin, Michael F.
2022UK - Vietnam free trade agreement outlookBritCham Vietnam
2021Uncertainty assessment of water resources and long-term hydropower generation using a large ensemble of future climate projections for the Nam Ngum River in the Mekong BasinMeema, Thatkiat; Tachikawa, Yasuto; Ichikawa, Yutaka; Others
2015Unconscious elements in stories by women writers of contemporary VietNamHiếu, Nguyễn Trọng
2017-09Uncovering the spatio-temporal dynamics of land cover change and fragmentation of mangroves in the Ca Mau peninsula, Vietnam using multi-temporal SPOT satellite imagery (2004–2013).Hauser, Leon T.; Giang, Nguyen Vu; Hoa, Pham Viet; An, Nguyen Binh; Dade, Emma; Hieu, Nguyen Minh; Toan, Le Quang
2022Undergraduate thesis difficulties and common grammatical and mechanical errors in academic essay writing of english-majored sophomores at An Giang universityNguyễn Hoàng Hải, Sơn
2020Understanding antibiotic residues and pathogens flow in wastewater from smallholder pig farms to agriculture field in Ha Nam Province, VietnamPhuc, Pham Duc; Hung, Nguyen Viet; Toan, Luu Quoc; Others
2022Understanding determinants of the intention to buy rhino horn in Vietnam through the theory of planned behaviour and the theory of Interpersonal behaviour'.Nam, Vu Dang Hoai
2022Understanding medical students’ interests in family medicine in VietnamDerese, Anselme; Peersman, Wim; Others
2022Understanding postgraduate students’ perceptions of plagiarism: a case study of Vietnamese and local students in New ZealandNgoc, Minh Tran; Hogg, Linda; Marshall, Stephen
2022-10-07Understanding small-scale Fishers' perceptions on climate shocks and their impacts on local fisheries livelihoods: Insights from the Central Coast, VietnamHa, Hoang; Momtaz, Salim; Schreider, Maria
2017Understanding smallholder farmers’ capacity to respond to climate change in a coastal community in Central Vietnam.Phuong, Le Thi Hong; Biesbroek, G. Robbert; Sen, Le Thi Hoa; Wals, Arjen E. J.
2017Understanding socially responsible investing: The growing issues and motives in VietnamTuan, Dinh Anh; Quynh, Nguyen Nhu
2017-01-06Understanding the drivers of Southeast Asian biodiversity loss.Hughes, Alice C.
2020Understanding the perceptions of sustainable coffee production: a case study of the K’Ho ethnic minority in a small village in Lâm Dong Province of VietnamQuan, Le Vu; Jovanovic, Grace; Thuan, Le Don; Cowal, Sanya
2015Understanding the Service Availability for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control at Public Primary Care Centers in Northern VietnamDuong, David B.
2022Understanding the transmission dynamics of a large-scale measles outbreak in Southern VietnamTrang, Nguyen Thi Huyen; Thuong, Nguyen Vu; Others
-Understanding the “four directions of travel”: qualitative research into the factors affecting recruitment and retention of doctors in rural VietnamWitter, Sophie; Ha, Bui Thi Thu; Shengalia, Bakhuti; Vujicic, Marko
2015Understanding urban transformations and changing local patterns of risk: lessons from the Mekong Region.Friend, Richard; Phong, Tran; Thinphanga, Pakamas; MacClune, Ken; Justin Henceroth
2022Understanding vaccine hesitancy in Vietnamese fish farmersCrumlish, Margaret; Chambers, Julie A.; Others